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Recreational Dive
Relive your vacation dives by capturing all the sights of Hawaii's underwater world on video. Whether exploring wrecks, reefs, caves, lava tubes, or taking the plunge after-dark, ScubaDrew VideoWorks will be there to provide a permanent memory of your exhilarating dive for you and your family to cherish forever.

Photo - Certification and Introductory DivesCertification and Introductory Dives

Show your family and friends all that is involved with your open water certification dives. You will be able to watch your first encounter with the undersea life. Surrounded by schools of fish, exploring the coral or swimming with the turtles, ScubaDrew will capture it all on VHS or DVD.

Photo - Science and Research Science and Research

Conducting a underwater study or scientific experiment? ScubaDrew VideoWorks will provide all of your video documentation needs. Underwater procedural training video contracts also avaialble.

Photo - Special Events Special Events

ScubaDrew VideoWorks will video whatever underwater activity you may have planned. From dive club activities and underwater sports to weddings, we will film it all.

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